• Play group in the Fox Room, 9:30 AM Fridays

    Join us and Rutland County Parent-Child Center from 9:30-11 AM Fridays in the Fox Room for play, activities and meeting new friends.

  • MSJ Yearbooks now online

    From our friends at Rutland Historical Society: MSJ yearbooks (1939-1993 except 1943 which was not published) is online at the Historical Society website.

  • New source for e-books

    OneClick!digital has now added a selection of classic books to its offerings. There are no checkout limits, holds or waits … perfect for class reading lists.

  • OneClick has your audiobook

    Check out an audiobook from OneClick Digital with your library card … no limits or wait times. iPhone app now available, and find a wide assortment of audio classes as well.

  • Try TumbleBooks ebooks for Kids!

    Click on the Kids Space tab to access TumbleBooks! Find animated, talking picture books with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language titles, and Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration.)

  • Reader’s Corner

    Reader’s Corner (which you can find in the left-hand menu, and the top menu) features all the resources you need about books in our library. There are links to InterLibrary Loan and a request form for new books and dvds. Check it out today!

  • Events List

    List of Upcoming Events will go here

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Donors: July 2009-June 2010

  Rutland Free Library: Annual Giving 2009-2010
  The Rutland Free Library is pleased to recognize all who have
  made gifts to the library in support of library services,
  books and programs, for the period July 2009-June 2010.
Faulkner Founders $1,000 +  
  William P. Anderson & Nancy Murphy  
  Ann Clark  
  Lawrence & Wanda Courcelle  
  Lorraine Eaton  
  Friends of the Rutland Free Library  
  Bill & Kathy Harm  
  Thomas & Patricia Huebner  
  Sherman & Patricia Hunter  
  Kenlan Schwiebert Facey & Goss  
  Anna Kenney Estate  
  Sibyl Kirby  
  Philip & Michele Lapp  
  I. Patricia McCormack  
  Rutland Regional Medical Center  
  Rutland’s Magic Brush  
  Timothy J. Stevens  
  TD Charitable Foundation  
  Polly Wright  
  Robert & Victoria Young  
Bronte Benefactors $500-$999  
  Robert & Odette Eddy  
  Family Dental Associates  
  Joe & Barbara Giancola  
  Patricia Hannegan  
  Keyser Energy Systems  
  R. J. Mitchell  
  Moors & Cabot Investments  
  O’Brien Shortle Reynolds & Sabotka  
  Wendy Pallotta & Michael Heald  
  Pryor Investment Corporation  
  Vermont Country Store  
Poe Patrons $250-$499  
  Paula Baker & Jane Quigley  
  BRD Corporation  
  W. Richard & Faith Brothers  
  David & Heather Cooper  
  Arthur & Nancy Crandall  
  Barbara Densmore  
  Michael & Susan Dick  
  Robert & Ruth Drachman  
  William & Barbara Foley  
  Four Noon Groups  
  John & Rheba Haley  
  James & Ann Herlihy  
  Mark Hornstein & Barry Neustein  
  Mark & Patricia Lawrence  
  Anne Lezak & Harry Chen  
  Robert & Susan Lloyd  
  Steven Losa & Elizabeth Ashworth  
  Marcia’s Hallmark Shop  
  Eric & Kirsten Marsh  
  Jeffrey & Rebecca McKee  
  North Business Services  
  Ronald Powers & Honoree Fleming  
  Mark & Lisa Price  
  Theodore & Carolyn Shattuck  
  Christopher & Ellada Siliski  
  Julie Beane Teta  
  Jeffrey & Maureen White  
Doctorow Donors $100-$249  
  Anthony & Sandra Abatiell  
  About Face Orthodontics  
  Peter & Donna Abramov III  
  Janet Alexander  
  Daniel & Ann Amsberry  
  Mary C. Ashcroft, Attorney  
  Frederick & Jennifer Bagley  
  S. Carol Bam  
  Betty Battles  
  John & Linda Berryhill  
  Mary Beth Bloomer  
  John & Alice Blount  
  Mark & Hope Blucher  
  Carolyn Bluhm  
  Eileen Bolin  
  Stephen & Laurie Brittain  
  Barbara Brittingham  
  H. Martin and Sharon Brown  
  Michael & Carol Calotta  
  Nicolas & Diane Carmolli  
  Seth & Nina Coombs  
  David & Clare Coppock  
  Arthur & Mary Crowley  
  Richard & Susan Densmore  
  Margaret Dick  
  Robert & Ruth Duch  
  Keith Dunn  
  Thomas & Michele Egan  
  Stephen & Susan Englese  
  Michael and Anne Farrell  
  Lincoln & Sarah Fenn  
  Alvin Figiel  
  Elizabeth Foley  
  Nathalie Forte  
  Harry Friedman  
  Ruth Fucci  
  Jon & Kitty Furman  
  Betty Gaechter  
  Michael & Ann Garcia  
  Phillip Gawet  
  Robert & Joan Geiszler  
  Robert and Judy Green  
  Katherine Hall  
  Detlef and Susan Hansen  
  Herlihy Insurance  
  Theodore & Martha Izzi  
  Johnson Energy  
  Hans Johnson & Carol LaBrecque  
  Michael & Kristin Kenosh  
  William & Zoe Kirby  
  Kevin Klamm  
  Helen Lambert  
  Katherine Lane  
  Thaddeus & Stephanie Lorentz  
  Theodore and Patricia Mandeville  
  Laurie Mecier  
  Patricia Menduni  
  Mary Mellow  
  Kathryn Milillo & Robert Stein  
  Ted & Colby Millspaugh  
  Maurice Mintzer  
  Mary Moran  
  Paul & Jeanne Mulcahy  
  Don & Shirley Nickless  
  Maurine & Winifred O’Connell  
  Debora Pace  
  Parkers Classic Autoworks  
  Laurel Patch  
  Roger & Gretchen Pike  
  Mr. & Mrs. John Read  
  Suzanne Redden  
  Grant & Jo Reynolds  
  Ronald & Martha Rideout  
  Richard Rodgers  
  Richard & Lillian Rohe  
  June Ross  
  Roy Rotella  
  Rutland City Schools  
  Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce  
  Susan Schreibman & William Gross  
  Stanley Shapiro & Cathy Baker  
  Stephen & Ann Singiser  
  S. J. Wilk Property Management  
  Frank Smead & Millie Roy  
  Robert & Garey-Lea Smith  
  Judith Swain  
  Dan & Esther Swett  
  Phillip & Carol Swords  
  Jeremiah & Nonnie Tarr  
  Harold Waxman & Cary Thorp  
  David & Paula Townsend  
  Patricia Tracy  
  Vermont Roofing Company  
  Anne Walker  
  Dorothy Webber  
  D. Billings & Sarah Wheeler  
  Stanley & Lorene Wilbur  
  Mary Wing  
  June Wright  
  Nancy Young  
  Jillian Zaleski  
Steinbeck Supporters $50-$99  
  Robert and Natalie Aborn  
  William & June Anderson  
  Richard and Felice Balkin  
  Berkley Veller & Greene  
  Edward Bogar-Fretz  
  Bruce Bouchard  
  Florence Boutwell  
  Ernest & Kathleen Bove  
  Sandra Cohen  
  Angela Combes  
  Margaret (Peg) Dombro  
  William and Margot Donovan  
  Harriet Downing  
  Anita Duch  
  Stephen & Nancy Eddy  
  Thomas & Anne Gallivan  
  Edward & Karen Gartner  
  Mary Goodwin  
  Russell & Ellen Green  
  Carmine Guica  
  Brad & Jennifer Hart  
  Thomas Heffernan  
  Carol Henry  
  Lawrence & Margaret Jensen  
  Patricia Job  
  Olive Johnson  
  Killington Grand Hotel Owners Assoc.  
  Elaine Latzky  
  Eleanor Lea  
  Carole LeFrancois  
  Loyal Order of the Moose, Lodge 1122  
  William & Kim Lucci  
  John & Janet Martin  
  Marjorie Meany  
  Gail Moore  
  John Moore  
  Robert and Joan Mulligan  
  Mary Nemeth  
  Robert & Nancy Noble Jr  
  Richard Norton  
  Thomas & Barbara O’Brien  
  Ronald & Sarah Pulcer  
  James & Elizabeth Reddy  
  Paul and Sandi Reiber  
  Cathy Reynolds & Douglas Fontein  
  Richard Rose  
  Karen Ruder  
  Rutland Veterinary Clinic  
  Elaine Schneiderman & Elizabeth Davis  
  Helen Stafford  
  Jean Stedman  
  Alf and Melissa Strom-Olsen  
  Bill Tahamont  
  Arthur & Carol Thompson  
  Tossing Funeral Home  
  Robert & Roberta West  
  Annabelle & RC Williams  
  Eric & Adrian Williams  
Grisham Group $25-$49  
  Tom & Barbara Aicher  
  Richard and Patricia Alberti  
  Kevin and Claire Austin  
  Charles & Gail Baker  
  Ann Bannister  
  William & Margery Bloomer  
  James & Martha Bogdanovitch  
  Jonathan and Karen Booraem  
  Michael Boston  
  Janice Bowman  
  John & Nancy Brower  
  Donna Brown  
  Richard & Mary Cartier  
  Central Vermont Public Service  
  Jacquel-Anne Chouinard  
  Paschal and Helen Cioffi  
  David & Valerie Cleary  
  Barry & Jennifer Cohen  
  Patrick Conway, Jr.  
  Eris Cootey  
  George and Gail Cootey  
  Brian & Patricia Costello  
  Robert and Sandra Coyle  
  Edward & Gloria Cunningham  
  Mary Daley  
  Robert and Susan Darrow  
  Marjorie Davis  
  Henry and Nancy Del Bianco  
  Charlie and Diane Dickerman  
  Martha Donahue  
  Alice Dugan  
  Joan Eaton  
  Timothy and Kathi Faulkner  
  Ruth Fish  
  Geraldine Fitzgerald  
  Michael & Jackie Gauthier  
  Jeanne Gilbert  
  Ann Glagola  
  Phillip & Marie Gosinski  
  Margaret Grande  
  Robert & Jean Hackett  
  Patricia Hallock  
  Kenneth & Anne Hart  
  Jean Hinson  
  Matthew & Joann Jenkins  
  Edith Kellogg  
  Paul & Audrey Kerns  
  Patricia Koch  
  Eric Lapp  
  Dale & Betty Ann Laval  
  Eunice Leone  
  Barbara Little  
  Israel and Bette Mac  
  Robert & Adrianne Marks  
  Mary & Joseph Marotti  
  Mary Catherine Marro  
  Robert and Janet McClallen  
  James McKean  
  John & Barbara McLoughlin  
  Beth Medeiros  
  Wayne and Sybil Miller  
  Lindra Moerdyk & Bruce McNallie  
  Joseph Moore  
  Glenn & Betsy Morgan  
  Faye Moulton  
  Karl Moyer  
  MPG Investments  
  Mary Murphy  
  Rose Napolitano  
  Augustus Nasmith  
  Natalie Thomas  
  Curtis and Susan Nichols  
  Cindy Oas-Kirk  
  Mary O’Brien  
  Michael & Judith Olinick  
  Richard & Suzanne Ouellette  
  Alan & Cheryl Patch  
  Robert & Thelma Perkins  
  Thomas and Cindy Peters  
  Otto Postl  
  Susan Ransom  
  Robert Rawls & Rebecca Boggess  
  Charles and Audrey Rielle  
  Nancy Rielle  
  Peter and Suzanne Rielle  
  Jim and Pat Ritchie  
  Michael & Susan Roberts  
  Dea & Josephine Rotella  
  Mary Ryan  
  Marian Segale  
  Gregory Sharrow and Robert Hooker  
  Jacob Sherman  
  Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland  
  Silvio & Kathleen Valente  
  Dr. and Mrs. H.J. Wallace Jr.  
  John Webber  
  William & Doris Weiss  
  Keith & Cindi Wight  
  Arthur & Florence Wolk  
  Ann Bradshaw Woods  
  James & Deborah Wright  
  J. Peter and Mary Ann Yankowski  
Hemingway Helpers under $25  
  Josephine Abatiell  
  JoAnn Adams  
  Naomi Adams  
  Robert and Patricia Aldrich  
  Christopher and Linda Baker  
  Margaret Barros  
  Robert & Nancy Beauchamp  
  Richard and Nancy Bourt  
  Michael & Darlene Brookman  
  Patricia Brown  
  Patti Buscemi  
  Julie Cooper  
  Jack and Susan Crowther  
  Henry & Nancy DelBianco  
  Gregory Denton  
  Harriet Eitapence  
  Moira Flanagan  
  Alfred and Isabel Flory  
  Robert & Yvonne Fucci  
  Louise Goss  
  George & Cheryl Hooker  
  Paul & Mary Hughes  
  Nelson and Betti Jaquay  
  William Lucas  
  Patricia Mitiguy & Pamela Prescott  
  Florence Morton  
  The Muir Family  
  Daniel Myers  
  Ann Nesbit  
  Dale and Melissa Patterson  
  Cinda Payton  
  Daniel & Marie Pennington  
  Marguerite Pouliot  
  Madeline Pratico  
  Steven & Deborah Roy  
  June Salander  
  John Sussman  
  Jeffrey & Kate Taylor  
  Thomas and Emogene Terounzo, Sr.  
  Art & Cindy Trevino  
  Frances Walsh  
  Robert and Margaret Westcot  
  Joseph & Cheryl Wetherell  
  George and Marion Wright