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Bumps in the Night!

October is the month of the year when we celebrate the mysterious, the unexplained, and the eerie, hackle raising potential of things that go bump in the night. Here are some books and movies to invoke the spooky feelings of the season!

A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities by Ray Bradbury

Hollywood in the 1950s. A stone wall separates a graveyard from a movies studio. It is Halloween, and a science fiction screenwriter is invited to the graveyard at midnight. Curious, he accepts, finds a corpse, and is plunged into a twenty-year-old mystery. A satirical account of his adventures follows, amid the world of studio characters and through the backlots to a fantastic climax. LR

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Wicked : the life and times of the wicked witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

Witches are a powerful part of Halloween. This book offers us a different perspective on the most famous Witch of them all. Based on L. Frank Baum’s classic Oz books, Wicked tells the story of the Elphaba, the green-skinned girl who grows up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West. LR

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The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

In this sequel to her famous book Interview with the Vampires, Rice continues her fascinating vampire chronicle. As Library Journals writes: “Don’t expect the usual stake-in-the-heart story; Rice creates a new vampire mythos, mixing ancient Egyptian legends into her narrative, and weaving a rich and unforgettable tale of dazzling scenes and vivid personalities. This extraordinary book outclasses most contemporary horror fiction and is a novel to be savored.” LR

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The Shining by Stephen King
Danny is only five years old, but he is a ‘shiner’, aglow with psychic voltage. When his father becomes caretaker of an old hotel, his visions grow out of control. Cut off by blizzards, the hotel seems to develop an evil force, and who are the mysterious guests in the supposedly empty hotel? LR
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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A timeless classic, written nearly 200 years ago, Frankenstein provides ample doses of horror, while also asking important questions about the ethics of science and technology. With genetic engineering and cloning looming on the horizon, this novel is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1818. LR

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The Town that Food Saved

The Town that Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food, by Ben Hewitt (2010) – In 2009, amid the double dip economic recession, the small town of Hardwick, Vermont was adding jobs in a handful of businesses practicing sustainable agriculture and promoting local foods. This much I already knew from following Hardwick in the media during that time. What I liked about this book is that it gave a voice to some of the folks that the media reporting left out: operators of a mobile slaughtering unit, back to the land anarchists, and aging farmers from another era. A lot has been written about Hardwick’s successes since then, but this book serves as an introduction and playbook to community economic development in the region. (EG)

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Just As I Thought

Just as I Thought, by Grace Paley (1998) – A sampler collection of autobiographical essays and articles by a longtime poet and activist who died in Thetford, Vermont in 2007. While the pieces themselves do not form a linear biography, together they chronicle Grace’s life placed in the context of the larger social movements. “The Illegal Days” describes abortion before Roe v. Wade, “Report from North Vietnam” brings us to a war zone and inspires courage, and further essays in the book describe acts of organized resistance to the Gulf War and for womens’ rights. An inspiring read from an articulate woman who never wavered from the politics of speaking truth to power. (EG)

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