• Babies & Toddlers Rock goes on vacation for the summer!

    See Linda MacFarlane in September when her interactive music and pre-literacy program for ages 0-3 years returns.

  • MSJ Yearbooks now online

    From our friends at Rutland Historical Society: MSJ yearbooks (1939-1993 except 1943 which was not published) is online at the Historical Society website.

  • New source for e-books

    OneClick!digital has now added a selection of classic books to its offerings. There are no checkout limits, holds or waits … perfect for class reading lists.

  • OneClick has your audiobook

    Check out an audiobook from OneClick Digital with your library card … no limits or wait times. iPhone app now available, and find a wide assortment of audio classes as well.

  • Try TumbleBooks ebooks for Kids!

    Click on the Kids Space tab to access TumbleBooks! Find animated, talking picture books with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language titles, and Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration.)

  • Reader’s Corner

    Reader’s Corner (which you can find in the left-hand menu, and the top menu) features all the resources you need about books in our library. There are links to InterLibrary Loan and a request form for new books and dvds. Check it out today!

  • Twilight Read Alikes

    Don’t be embarrassed if you loved Twilight, you are in good company. Adult or teen if you liked the fast paced, addictive nature of the Twlight series by Stephanie Meyers you will love these books. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater Grace is obsessed with the wolves that roam the woods behind her house. She is drawn […]

  • Events List

    List of Upcoming Events will go here


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